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Maisie & Knight



Birthday: 20/1/2021
Playful and Energetic, Always Giving Her All.


Birthday: 22/3/2021
Calm and Sleepy, Yet Delicately Sensitive.

Creator & Owner of them Anzy

Meisie & Knight and BlancheNeige.

Allow us to explain the relationship between “Maisie & Knight” brand and BlancheNeige. “Maisie & Knight” is a brand launched by BlancheNeige, a Japanese company.
BlancheNeige primarily offers learning content for the elderly and young children, along with system development services utilizing microcomputers.
However, there is a special reason behind the creation of the “Maisie & Knight” brand.

Within our company, we have staff members who are proud owners of two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Since these two adorable dogs joined their households, the everyday lives of our staff members have undergone significant changes.
Their presence has brought joy and happiness, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere within their homes.

Driven by a desire to share this wonderful experience with a wider audience, we established the brand “Maisie & Knight”, named after these two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Maisie and Knight.
Our handmade products, bearing witness to the delightful personalities of Maisie and Knight, infuse a touch of magic and a sense of uniqueness into your daily life.

Simply having our products at hand will make you feel as if Maisie and Knight are right there with you, creating a sense of companionship.
They will add color and charm to your everyday routines.
So, whenever you feel the need to add a touch of specialness to your regular day, we invite you to try out the products offered by the “Maisie & Knight” brand.

BlancheNeige Official Site

BlancheNeige Official Site